Radio VEC/DEV 2022

VEC/DEV’s eu!radio Debut!



Karen de Bruin of the University of Rhode Island and Christine Evain of the University Rennes 2, join Spencer Hawkridge for a two part discussion on eu!radio Nantes’ Turning the Page.


The first discussion delves into the alarming assertions of the United Nations body The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, a report  published in April 2022 on climate change mitigation, and how by the year 2030 the planet earth will suffer an increase in what was once thought of as a once in a 100 year climate event.


Part 1:

In the second part, Spencer Hawkridge is again joined by Karen de Bruin and Christine Evain who talk about a University Rennes 2 environmental challenge called the VEC (for the English language version) & DEV (French language version)—part of an ERASMUS + funded project KA2 TRIP (Training and realizing innovations in internationalization at home Pedagogies)—which brought students from around the world together—in a virtual environment—for a competition based, sustainability challenge.

Part 2:

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